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At the accident of over simplification, I accept that a “modern application” can be illustrated with the advice of the angel in Figure 1. For the best part, back bequest applications are mentioned, one usually thinks of caked applications that were accounting in earlier programming languages,. An archetype of this is COBOL, which is a terminal-based user interfaces that usually uses abstracts food such as ISAM, collapsed files, and proprietary database administration systems. The larboard best basal of the diagram shows this blazon of application. As the diagram demonstrates, appliance architectures accept acquired into web and adaptable user.

web diagram Web Diagram and Cluster Diagram
Web Diagram and Cluster Diagram | web diagram

Figure 1 – Avant-garde Application

Interfaces that can be about accompanying with alien applications are generally based in the cloud. This diagram does not appearance that applications developed today are best generally able to be hosted on virtualized servers and/or in containers. The diagram additionally does not appearance that applications developed today are developed with newer programming languages and with a cardinal of altered database technologies.

This dichotomy amid bequest applications — both from a feature, usability, cost, and about adversity perspectives — accommodate added able motivations for stakeholders to alter and improve these bequest applications.

The CUBA-Platform provides a full-stack architectonics for architectonics three bank applications. It includes broadly acclimated appearance for action apps, such as bendable deletion, data-aware components, book storage, and aerial akin modules, including authentication, authorization, analysis of data, and others. This chic is best adapted for developing ERP-like systems, band of business applications, or custom software for the accumulated segment.

On the surface, the CUBA-Platform seems to be mainly ill-fitted to architectonics custom applications from scratch. However, a afterpiece attending reveals a belvedere that provides the adeptness to reclaim absolute databases, auto accomplish area models from absolute databases, automatically actualize REST APIs from absolute artifacts, assimilate front-end by appliance prebuilt acknowledging UI templates, about-face absolute business logics into accepted services, and, lastly,  accommodate any REST based third-party casework afterwards coding. These appearance accomplish the CUBA-Platform able-bodied ill-fitted for the affiliation of a abounding assemblage Java framework with bequest applications.

TransformixTools for CUBA-Platform are a cardinal of custom engineering apparatus and adapters that articulation bequest applications to the CUBA Platform. Among these are database adapters, terminal awning adapters, COBOL casework affiliation components, and Eclipse plugins. These accoutrement serve as CUBA-Platform plugins to facilitate the affiliation of the bequest appliance to CUBA features.

For the stakeholders of bequest applications for action customers, ModerinzationInPlace™ is an avant-garde admission to software development and able attainable antecedent technology that helps developers accommodate absolute bequest applications with the abounding assemblage CUBA-Platform action development framework. This non-invasive admission transforms the appliance into a multi-model development platform. Absolute accoutrement can be acclimated to extend and enhance absolute bequest appliance code, while, at the aforementioned time, avant-garde development accoutrement can be acclimated to enhance and extend appliance functionality. Therefore, ModernizationInPlace™ makes customizations and upgrades to the appliance functionality almost painless.

Main characteristics:

Figure 2 – Multi-model Applications Platform

Yes, Virginia. It is attainable to accept your block and eat it too, at least, in so far as bequest applications are concerned. By that, I beggarly it is attainable to acquiesce for continuing development in the bequest archetype in alongside with development in newer paradigms. Figure 2 illustrates an ambiance in which an appliance was congenital for an HP 3000 in COBOL with a proprietary HP TurboIMAGE database administration arrangement that has been migrated to Linux with a PostgreSQL RDBMS. This is done with alone basal changes to appliance sources. In this environment, the COBOL applications still use the aforementioned APIs they acclimated on the HP 3000. For example, database calls are TurboIMAGE calls and awning IO calls are VPLUS calls. However, appliance the aggregate of the CUBA-Platform with the TransformixTools enhancements makes it attainable to appearance the terminal based user interface in a Web browser and the database can be accessed appliance SQL. Therefore, at the aforementioned time that the bequest programs are used, the appliance can be added in the aforementioned way as a anew developed Java-based CUBA appliance is enhanced. Furthermore, the developers who assignment on the appliance as a CUBA appliance do not charge to accept an HP 3000 ability or abilities to do their jobs.

Figure 3 provides a aerial akin overview of how the multi-model applications belvedere is implemented. A SQL attainable database is bare in adjustment to booty abounding advantage of the appearance the CUBA-Platform has to offer. Therefore, the aboriginal footfall is to drift the appliance abstracts admission to acquiesce for multi-model SQL access. This agency that the aboriginal appliance will still be able to admission the abstracts appliance the aboriginal APIs, while, at the aforementioned time, added applications, such as CUBA, will be able to use SQL to admission that aforementioned data. Footfall two is to acquiesce browser admission to the appliance screens. In this additional step, it additionally includes the accession of the CUBA-Platform alongside the application. The appliance takes on the characteristics of a multi-model appliance already the CUBA-Platform is installed. This agency that from again on the appliance can be continued and added with avant-garde accoutrement by developers with little or no ability of the bequest programming environment.

Below is an broadcast adaptation of the bristles accomplish appear creating a multi-model applications platform.

web diagram Spider web diagrams.jpg
Spider web diagrams.jpg | web diagram

A frequently acclimated “trick” in migrations is to accommodate a apish bequest arrangement API on top of a relational database. This allows the absolute appliance to admission the abstracts appliance the aforementioned database calls or APIs. At the aforementioned time, this provides another industry accepted interfaces to newer and commercially accessible off-the-shelf applications. This is the admission Transformix uses. Here are some examples:

TransformixTools provides a TurboIMAGE API that allows applications that were originally accounting for the HP 3000 to accept the abstracts and schema’s migrated to Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, IBM DB2, or IBM Informix with few or no changes to the appliance programs. Then, added applications can admission the abstracts appliance accepted APIs such as SQL.

Microsoft Admission lets you calmly actualize databases to abundance and present your abstracts in forms and reports. Back starting, a database may be actual simple and trivial, but, over time, it may become added important as you add data, features, and alike allotment it with others. It assets a activity of its own and the all-embracing architectonics becomes critical.

Figure 3 – ModernizationInPlace 5 Steps

One of the best important architectural designs is agreeable the database into a front-end and back-end database. This is how admission is advised to let you abutment multi-user databases and decidedly abridge how you enhance the appliance over time.

Separating your appliance and abstracts databases enables you to abutment assorted users and advancement the appliance afterwards wiping out their data. Assuming the appliance doesn’t change that often, the break additionally makes it easier to aloof advancement the abstracts database back alone that is alteration every day.

Splitting a database is a almost simple concept. You booty an absolute Admission MDB/ACCDB database with its tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, etc. and bisect it into two databases:

The “Back-End” database that aloof contains the tables

The “Front-End” database that contains the appliance altar (everything except the tables) and links to the tables in the back-end database

This architectonics is abnormally advantageous in multi-user environments area the back-end database is stored on a arrangement and contains the aggregate data. Each user again has a archetype of the front-end database on their desktop pointing to the aggregate database.

In multi-user environments, the front-end database can additionally accommodate tables that are clandestine to the user. These bounded tables can abundance the user’s settings, selections, acting or average tables for processing abstracts or reports, etc.

Once the database is split, appliance ODBC to admission it from MS Admission and appliance MS Admission as a frontend allows the backend to be accessed with the CUBA-Plaform.

web diagram www.expertlearners.com/images/CIG_birds.gif
www.expertlearners.com/images/CIG_birds.gif | web diagram

FairCom’s No SQL technology provides adaptability with an ISAM application’s abstracts architectonics by acceptance abstracts ISAM of any blazon to be stored aural your almanac structure, afterwards any pre-defined schemas. At the aforementioned time, it supports industry-standard SQL (relational) interfaces and high-performance NoSQL (non-relational) interfaces to the aforementioned abstracts at the aforementioned time.

c-treeACE is an ANSI-compliant SQL database with abutment for aggregate you apprehend from an RDBMS, including stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions, ODBC, JDBC, and a abundance of accepted interfaces. c-treeACE provides accompanying admission to the aforementioned abstracts via NoSQL interfaces for the ultimate in performance.

TransformixTools provides a CUBA-Platform interface to C-tree SQL.

Aubit 4GL activity is a attainable antecedent activity that makes free, GNU/GPL, Informix-4GL and x4GL accordant development accoutrement (compiler, tools, libraries), and it continues to extend functionality and accoutrement bare to address efficient, stable, and advantageous applications in business-related, database-oriented applications. The Aubit 4GL compiler is a kind  of software that translates x4GL programming accent into executable programs, enabling the fast and advantageous conception of database-oriented applications, utilizing 4GL with anchored SQL and C programming languages. It additionally uses ODBC and built-in admission to databases, as able-bodied as GTK for GUI, Ncurses for CUI, or HTML/JavaScript for Web browser presentation layers.

Once the database is in the RDBMS CUBA-Platform, it can be acclimated to extend and enhance the application.

TransformixTools provides solutions based on the CUBA-Platform and Vaadin that about-face bequest appliance user interfaces into browser-based interfaces.

Our terminal appetite band-aid provides an burning Web browser based terminal adversary to key business systems, including UNIX or a VMS arrangement on any accessory with aught applicant software installation. This will be centrally managed. The Transformix band-aid is based on the CUBA-Platform. Therefore, at this step, the CUBA-Platform is installed and fabricated accessible to the appliance developers. 

Another address we use is the terminal API ambush approach. The best archetype is our VPDM HP VPlus replacement. We catechumen the HP VPLUS forms book to Java classes and actualize an xmlrpc-based ambush library that accouterments a plug-compatible backup for VPLUS calls.

This band-aid is based on the CUBA-Platform, as well. The TransformixTools DBForms band-aid includes software accoutrement that about-face MS Admission forms to Web pages accounting in Java cipher and is accessible for examination through your Internet browser. A prerequisite for this is to about-face MS Admission tables and queries into their about-face and catechumen them to RDBMS. For now, this band-aid is bound to PostgreSQL.

A blended appliance (also accepted as a “Mashup”) is a website basic or appliance that displays alloyed agreeable accumulated from amalgamate sources. End-users don’t accept to apperceive which basal sources and applications this aggregated advice is coming. In its simplest implementation, abacus almost simple alien enhancements to a bequest user interface, such as dropdowns or a type-ahead search, can abundantly enhance the user acquaintance with the application. These two appearance crave database admission that is abstracted from the aboriginal appliance and they can be implemented afterwards modifying the aboriginal application. Figure 4 shows what the user sees on their desktop and is a added blended of the aboriginal appliance screen. On top of that, a Google Map is fabricated accessible through a REST API and the CUBA-Platform. This, too, does not crave a modification of the aboriginal application.

Figure 4 – Blended Appliance Screen

The use of the CUBA-Platform in Footfall Two is not alone a account for creating the browser UI in the aboriginal place; it additionally makes it attainable to extend and enhance the appliance from the user’s point of appearance afterwards alteration the aboriginal application.

web diagram Web Site Diagram
Web Site Diagram | web diagram

The CUBA-Platform was alien to the appliance ambiance in Footfall Two as a agent to facilitate acceptable the user interface to the application. Footfall Three gave us the befalling to analyze how CUBA can advice added enhance user interfaces. In Footfall Four, we activate to attending at the absolute ability of the platform. It provides a no Cipher and Low Cipher Belvedere that allows you to acclimate how you collaborate with your bequest UNIX or VMS system, as able-bodied as your Windows, Linux, or MAC system. With bequest terminal based applications, we accept noticed that it gives us accoutrement to advice change blooming awning user adventures into abreast interfaces that are delivered over the web. This gives you the carelessness to acclimate and advance business processes, bound acumen new efficiencies and accepting burning ROI and appropriate advantages that are artlessly not accessible elsewhere. What’s more, this can be done by a cool user or Citizen Developer.

REST APIs are all the acerbity these days. The use of REST and added HTTP(S) based APIs accept become the lingua franca of the apple of computing. The CUBA-Platform is congenital on top of REST APIs and it plays actual able-bodied with REST APIs provided by others. The use of CUBA as a addition foundation for bequest systems transforms your host ambiance into a activating basic of your business systems interface layer, which is commonly bedfast to the transaction band of the enterprise. These new accoutrement will absolve the advance in your host arrangement to advisedly collaborate with and augment tertiary business systems, accretion the availability, timeliness, and candor of important business data.

At its accomplished level, the CUBA-Platform consists of the architectonics time CUBA Studio, which works in concert with either Intellij IDEA IDE or Eclipse IDE. At runtime, it uses a Java appliance server, usually, Apache Tomcat.

Figure 5 – CUBA Aerial Akin Overview

The CUBA Flat is a specialized apparatus for accelerated appliance development that streamlines architectonics applications aloft CUBA Platform. With Studio, applications are up and active aural minutes. It additionally accelerates modernizing bequest applications by axle the abstracts archetypal and CRUD UI on top of an absolute database.

Studio is advised to be acclimated in alongside with a Java IDE (Figure 6) , so developers do not accept to carelessness their admired alive environments. The focal point of the development action is the studio. Projects are attainable in Flat and best of the agreement and accessory is managed with Flat in affiliation with the IDE. Moreover, testing and debugging are managed through Flat as well.

Figure 6 – Flat with IDE

Applications developed appliance the CUBA-Platform absorb three tiers as apparent in Figure 7. They are the database tier, the average tier, and the applicant tier. These tiers are affiliated appliance REST and HTTP APIs.

Figure 7 – CUBA Aerial Akin Appliance Architecture

Using this architecture, the aforementioned backend can be acclimated for Web, desktop, mobile, and REST API applications.

One of the best important account in the apple of software engineering is the abstraction of apart coupling. In a about accompanying design, apparatus are absolute and changes in one will not affect the operation of others. This admission offers optimal adaptability and reusability back apparatus are added, replaced, or modified. Apparatus that can accomplish apart and accept a categorical advice access are about coupled.

The architectonics of the CUBA-Platform is congenital to abutment this apart coupling of components. Therefore, back bequest applications are chip with the CUBA-Platform, it allows their appearance and apparatus to be acclimated with the aforementioned adaptability as added afresh developed appliance components.

web diagram Web Diagram Examples - Include conceptual website, web site map, web ...
Web Diagram Examples – Include conceptual website, web site map, web … | web diagram

ModernizationInPlace™ is the Transformix Computer Corporation admission for converting bequest applications into future-proof action applications with the CUBA-Platform. This admission helps organizations actualize multi-model applications platforms that acquiesce bequest applications and appliance extensions accounting in the CUBA-Platform (provided by a abounding assemblage Java framework) to assignment side-by-side. Appliance this approach, the approved afterwards allowances of appliance addition are accomplished bound and at low risk.

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